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Low altitude slow small target defense system AUAV-- vehicular

Low altitude slow small target defense system AUAV-- vehicular

Low altitude slow small target defense system AUAV-- vehicular

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Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Ericco
Model Number: vehicular

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Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Set
Payment Terms: T/T.
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Detailed Product Description

Low altitude slow small target defense system AUAV--vehicular



Module design: Product detection system using modular design, you can freely select the detection system

Mainstream frequency band suppression: Mainstream frequency band detection and interference, covering the mainstream radio communication band.

Standard electricity: Equipment using standard 220V mains, no power equipment.

Assembly is simple: Modular design for easy access and assembly.

engineering proposal:The equipment is engineered according to different customer scenarios to ensure optimal performance

Artificial engineering: Ergonomic design, easy to operate

Mode optional: The user can select unattended mode or manual control mode.

Interference distance: Transmit power adjustable, interference distance is 1000 ~ 1200 meters.

Hit rate is high:360 degree omnidirectional detection and interference, without precise aiming.

Complex weather :Support complex weather conditions under the detection and combat, including haze, mist, 6 below Windy, drizzle.



Detection parameters:

Radio detection

working frequency:100kHz~40GHz;

Direction Sensitivity:≥15dBμV/m;

Direction-finding accuracy :≤2°(RMS);

Radar detection:

Working frequency: Ku BandØ

Discovery probability:Pd=0.8,False alarm rate:Pfa=10-6 ,Reflective surface:0.01m2, Detection distance: 2km.

Antenna fan sweep range: 0°~360°

Target radial speed: 3km/h~72km/h

Minimum detection distance:≥200m

Distance accuracy: ≤15m

Azimuthal accuracy : ≤0.5°

Distance resolution: ≤15m

Azimuth resolution: ≤2°

RF power: 10W.

Photoelectric detection:

Detection distance: ≥1KM

Distance resolution: ≤15m

Azimuth resolution: ≤1°

Interference parameters:

Transmit power: MAX 10W,Third gear adjustable

Effective distance: 1000~1200 meters

Interference mode: Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Departure / Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (can be choose)

Weight: 100kg.

Operate temperature: 20-55(Degrees Celsius).

Optional models: Iveco, Prado.




























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