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ER-T2 Quartz accelerometer for aerospace

ER-T2 Quartz accelerometer for aerospace

ER-T2 Quartz accelerometer for aerospace

Product Details:

Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Ericco
Model Number: ER-T2

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Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Unit
Payment Terms: T/T in advance
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Detailed Product Description

ER-T2 is high range with high accuracy accelerometer, with high reliability, mainly used in Aviation and aerospace inertial test. Output current and the force by a linear output, the user can get high accuracy output by calculate, choose proper output load resistor. At the same time, temperature sensor is applied in this accelerometer, the user can use it to make compensation to Bias and Scale factor parameters, in order to reduce the impact of temperature factor. It can be used with both static and dynamic acceleration measurement. ER-T2 is a standard vibration sensor.

1.Excellent turn-on repeatability performance.
2.Environmentally rugged
3.Analog output
4.Field adjustable range
5.Internal temperature sensor for thermal compensation (option)
6.High range



S/No. Parameters ER-T2A ER-T2B ER-T2C
1 Range ±70g ±70g ±70g
2 Threshold /Resolution 5μg 5μg 5μg
3 Bias k0/k1 ≤(±4 mg) ≤(±7 mg) ≤(±10 mg)
4 Scale factor k1 1.3±0.2 mA/g 1.3±0.2 mA/g 1.3±0.2 mA/g
5 Class II nonlinearity Coefficient k2/k1 ≤±20μg /g2 ≤±60μg /g2 ≤±60μg /g2
6 0g 4 hours short time stability ≤15 μg ≤30 μg ≤30 μg
7 1g 4 hours short time stability ≤15 ppm ≤30 ppm ≤30 ppm
8 Bias drift Sigma k0( 1σ, one month) ≤20 μg ≤80 μg ≤100 μg
9 repeatability of scale factor Sigma k1/k1( 1σ, one month) ≤20ppm ≤80 ppm ≤100 ppm
10 Class II nonlinearity Coefficient repeatability k2/k1(1σ, one month) ≤±15 μg /g2 ≤±30 μg /g2 ≤±30 μg /g2
11 Bias thermal coefficient ≤±20μg /℃ ≤±100μg/℃ ≤±100μg/℃
12 Scale factor thermal coefficient ≤±30ppm/℃ ≤±100ppm/℃ ≤±160 ppm /℃
13 Noise (sample resistance 840Ω) ≤5mv ≤8.4mv ≤8.4mv
14 Natural Frequency 400~800 Hz 400~800 Hz 400~800 Hz
15 Bandwidth 800~2500 Hz 800~2500 Hz 800~2500 Hz
16 Vibration 5g(20-2000Hz) 5g(20-2000Hz) 5g(20-2000Hz)
17 Shock 100g,5ms,1/2sin 100g,5ms,1/2sin 100g,5ms,1/2sin
18 Temperature range (Operating) -40-+85℃ -40-+85℃ -40-+85℃
19 Temperature range (saved) -60-+120℃ -60-+120℃ -60-+120℃
20 Power ±12~±15V ±12~±15V ±12~±15V
21 Consume current ≤±20mA ≤±20mA ≤±20mA
22 Temp. sensor Yes and No Yes and No Yes and No
23 Size Ф25.4X30mm Ф25.4X30mm Ф25.4X30mm
24 Weight ≤80gram ≤80gram ≤80gram
















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